Jaydee has been tattooing in Indianapolis since 1992, long before it was considered fashionable or legal. He is one with the creative arts, one without creative limitations. His tools range from musical instruments to pencils, tattoo machine to sculpting tools. Daring to explore new mediums, his hands-on, learn-as-you go approach has been his way since childhood with many artistic successes.

Primarily Indiana based, he has also worked for several years on the West Coast in the country's longest continuously running tattoo studio: World Famous Bert Grimm's, now in the care of Jaydee's friend Kari Barba's Outer Limits Tattoo in Long Beach. 

As a resident artist of Voluta, Jaydee is excited to push his love of tattoo by focusing on realism, portraits, and animals. Not so much the minutely detailed, crazy lined and patterned designs and never tribal. He enjoys pirate themes and the real stories behind them. He also loves to tattoo from such big screen sensations as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, 007, Black Sails and most anything music oriented. A personal favorite is working with art pertaining to people’s pets and pet portraits...almost anything animal related, land or sea! With a preference for black and grey, while color is always an option.

Jaydee plays multiple musical instruments and is always learning new ones. He is currently engaged in an arduous recording project, one of many in his decades of live, session and personal music pursuits.

When not tattooing, creating art or music, his time is well spent with his amazing dog, Belmont. Dogs are absolutely his favorite creation!

For an appointment with Jaydee, (maybe for something in the large, hairy, feathered, scaled, human or awesome tattoo category), please send him an email to book a consultation.    and  

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