Voluta Tattoo | Bio of Conan Lea: Award Winning tattoo artist, Indianapolis' best. Reputable, diverse, tattooer.



Conan Lea

M A N Y   H A T S


Conan is the founder of Voluta. He enjoys his children, his lovely Michele, his pooches and that funny tingling one gets when creating. He refuses mediocrity, lazy-mindedness and fear. 

A note from Conan:

I no longer have a personal assistant. Nor do I maintain a waiting list as it unwieldy over more than two years. I love working with everyone but time is always the crusher.

I love new clients who crave big or small tattoos, and hearing all the stories that go with them. However, at this point in my career I must choose tattoos that fascinate my artistic eye, that showcase my greatest ability, that push me to my edge. This is what I am known for and what still pleases thousands of clients that have supported me over my 18 year career.

Regardless of theme I intend to move my greatest vision onto the clients who will trust me to do so. That's not everybody. Only advanced or very open minded new collectors give over such trust, so much skin, time, pain, and money. For my best. I will only give my best.

If you are inspired, if you trust me to exceed with your vision, please send me an email. If I feel that I will love your piece enough to give you what you deserve I will ask you to accept me as your tattoo artist. If you would like to work with me but I feel that I can offer no unique approach to what you ask, I will not dishonor you by taking on a project that I don't feel you will always love. I know this sounds wonky and roundabout. What it means is that I will only deliver stratospheric tattoo to people with their head in the clouds. Like me.

I will try to answer all emails but...wow. I can not promise I will. I’m a boy. I like to do awesome tattoos on amazing people. I love to travel and tattoo in foreign lands...I hope this helps you to imagine what I’m going to love to see in my inbox.

Regardless of our potential to meet and tattoo, thank you for considering me. The world is bloomed with incomprehensible tattoo talent since I started way back in the nefarious days. I am touched that you think I still compare.