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"The professional arms himself with patience, not only to give the stars time to align in his career, but to keep himself from flaming out in each individual work."

-The War of Art

Voluta does not maintain walk-in hours. This is to ensure that your visit is relaxing, without the hustle bustle of a booming retail establishment. This is good for the nerves, good for the creative process. Good for your artist.

We realize our service approach is unique, but this is not a "parlor" of sticker ninjas, walls dripping with generic designs. Your patience will earn you a stunning, one-of-a-kind, fine art tattoo. This is handcrafted, commissioned artwork of the most permanent nature.

Congratulations, collector!

Sadly, this old-world exchange (of trust/artisan pride-in-your-hide) is not for everyone. We do not apologize. There are fifty or so parlors in Indy that accomodate every sort of collector. 


A note about email: 3/2012

We receive more email than we can possibly answer. All email is handled by tattoo artists: no services, assistants or middle men. Tattoo artists are best at tattooing and taking care of just so many people. There is no possible way to answer all inquiries. We’ve tried. Conan built a career as the internet was taking off and has tried every variation of managing inquires from hand-answering each to personal assistants...to drafting this explanation. Voluta loves you but we cannot keep up.

We will try, though. Each of us handles our own hours, schedules, clientele and...if there is anything left...email. We will do our best to answer new inquiries after our current clients and former clients. We won't guarantee a reply time, or even that you’ll get one. But we will try.

We  never hurry, never feel pressured, never really upset anybody whom we tattoo (and those are the only folks we can worry about, if you think about it).

We know this doesn’t answer the question of when we will answer emails or how long waiting lists are. It is just our way of letting you know that we are doing our best at what we are best at: people and tattoos.

Thanks for your understanding.

-Voluta Tattoo

H E R E' S   H O W   W E   D O  I T.

1.  Gather your references and be sure that now is the time. Make sure you are ready in every way, that you trust us enough to commit at this point in your life.
2.  Contact us by email and submit to us your best ideas and images, whatever it takes to impart your notion (again, be patient about email). If you prefer we can also schedule a consultation appointment (about an hour). Few of the works in our portfolio required more time than this to hatch. Assuming you are ready for a tattoo and have done your homework, we are talented and resourceful enough to nail it. We do charge for our research and drawing time, and this varies by artist. We do so because, although we may nail the concept instantly, we may spend many hours researching and drawing.  We strongly suggest that you work to refine your concept in advance.
3.  Communicate with your artist via email or personal consultation. Be sure that you reach a collaborative vision with your artist and don't be afraid to ramble or send 'too much' reference material. If you prefer a personal consultation please ask, but still do your homework. We'd love to meet you. We'd also love to save you five trips to Voluta by instead using the internet.
4.  Book the subsequent appointment and leave a CASH deposit, usually $100-$500 dollars, depending on the research and artwork your artist must do to flesh out your concept. This deposit will be subtracted from the later cost of your tattoo. Again, cash only. Does that sound shady? What's really shady is somebody paying for a design with a card, getting the design, and reversing charges. Fastest way to break an artist's heart. Thanks for understanding.  
5.  Relax until appointment day! Rest assured that we value your skin like your momma does. Check on the website for updates to your artist's portfolio. Tell your friends. Shuffle your world about so that nothing prevents you from your special day. Expect appointment reminders via email. Prepare to not stand up your artist or cancel at the last minute. For such deeds we will hand your deposit over to the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

Most important?

Love yourself enough to collect tattoo the right way.


Think you’re ready?
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