Cosmetic Permanent Makeup Tattoo Artist Brandon Lea


Cosmetic Tattoo/Permanent Makeup Artist

Please enjoy Brandon’s tattoo creations on Instagram until he finishes a few more pieces and nicely photographs them!

Brandon on Instagram: @browsbybrandonlea

Brandon’s Cosmetic Tattoo Gallery

“I’m inspired by the individuals capacity, desire, and willingness for change. It is a gift that we have the ability to design the person we want to be while forging the path we choose to walk. All of this in knowing we are not penalized if we suddenly decide to stop, reframe, and change things up. Never settle. I find inspiration in doing right by others, and to be able to help people along their path in the best ways I know how.”


“The confidence of looking your personal best makes you feel great. Feeling great leads you to do great things. The world needs great people doing more great things. Simply put: I LOVE to make your feel your best. Pass it on!”


Brandon Lea is a cosmetic tattoo artist living in downtown Indianapolis. He is known for carefully listening to his clients, for discerning details in their personal tellings of how they perceive self, beauty, and emotive expression. The way we came to our sense of self in the world is absolutely individual, details that matter when tattooing above the collar. Brandon wants to know your personal story.

Pulling from a lifetime of travel, style and artistic expression across multiple visual mediums, Brandon brings confidence to every client in every mark he makes.

Brandon studied theory, trend and application of the larger concepts of beauty under renowned makeup-artist-to-the-stars Victoria Duke at her Academy Of Glam in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He learned brows and lip tattooing directly from Lee Ben Hanan of South Florida, whose finesse and subtlety in makeup and cosmetic tattoo is renowned in Miami.

Today Brandon is finishing an apprenticeship under his brother, Conan Lea, learning the finer points of being an artist in the Indianapolis community. Brandon is eager to help uplift the Indianapolis art scene, to elevate his community’s concept of tattoo as an art form that can be embraced and shared by everyone, on their terms.