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H I G H E S T  L E V E L  O F  C U S T O M E R  S E R V I C E

"The professional arms himself with patience, not only to give the stars time to align in his career, but to keep himself from flaming out in each individual work." - The War of Art


Voluta does not maintain walk-in hours. This is to ensure that your visit is relaxing, without the hustle bustle of a booming retail establishment. This is good for the nerves, good for the creative process. Good for your artist. Your patience will earn you a stunning, one-of-a-kind, fine art tattoo. This is handcrafted, commissioned artwork of the most permanent nature. If that sounds fantastic, begin the process of collecting with us!


For Custom Fine Art Tattoo with Conan:

1. Gather your references and be sure that now is the time and that you trust us enough to commit.

2. Contact us by email to submit your best ideas and images, whatever it takes to impart your notion. Think: photographs, paintings, color swatches, book passages, personal writings, design, pieces of jewelry, anything that inspires you and tells your story.

3. Once we have agreed to collaborate, you will communicate with your artist via email or set up a personal consultation if preferred. We'd love to meet you; we'd also love to save you extra trips to Voluta by instead using the internet. Be sure that you reach a collaborative vision with your artist and don't be afraid to ramble or send 'too much' reference material.

4. Once a deposit is collected, your artist will invite you to our appointment booking software.

5. Relax until appointment day! Rest assured that we value your skin like your momma does. Check on the website for updates to your artist's portfolio. Tell your friends. Shuffle your world about so that nothing prevents you from your special day. Expect appointment reminders via email. Prepare to not stand up your artist or cancel at the last minute. For such deeds we will hand your deposit over to the Humane Society of Indianapolis.


For Cosmetic Tattooing with Brandon: 

1. Gather your references and be sure that now is the time and that you trust us enough to commit.

2. Follow the link to our booking software and pick a date for your consult! A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required, and will be applied toward the total cost of the procedure. 

3. You will receive an e-mail when your consultation appointment has been accepted, along with instructions on how to prepare.



...that one question we're all afraid to ask: ANSWERED!

What do I pay?


Cosmetic Tattooing: Prices are listed on artist page. 

Custom Fine Art Tattoo: Your artist will discuss their hourly rate during your initial consultation before things move forward. Determine the cost of your session by your artist's hourly rate times the length of session you select plus design rate, if any, which varies by artist experience. We charge for our research and drawing time because, although we may nail the concept instantly, we still spend many hours researching and drawing. This is why we strongly suggest that you work to refine your concept in advance. NOBODY who comes to Voluta will ever get your same design. That's just silly. You commissioned an artist to design art for you like the fancy folks once hired Michelangelo for a few ceilings you may have heard of. Well done! Way to love yourself that much!

When and How do I pay?

You will pay at the end of your session, when you're all smiles and hugs and such. We love that. Payment options include:

1. With cash, which is our favorite. (Note your ATM withdraw limit or make a little time for a stop into the bank before your session) Unfortunately repossessing tattoos for bounced checks or credit card tricks is frowned upon.

2. With a card using Square + a 3% processing fee. We wish we didn't have to charge that, but it's what they charge us. Cash is cooler.

3. With PayPal + a 3% processing fee, if you already have a valid PayPal account set up and ready to use. Again, cash is preferred.

ANSWERED: The etiquette question that sweats the most palms.

You never HAVE to tip your tattoo artist, no matter what the web or your last artist told you! Many people do if they love the service. Some folks tip cash, some booze, some cookies, some books, some a warm smile. Some tell all their friends. We are just glad you came!


Think you’re ready?

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