Mythology and nature


Please enjoy Katie’s tattoo creations on Instagram until she finishes a few more pieces and nicely photographs them!

Katie on Instagram: @mysticsandmonsters 


Katie Small trained as an illustrator at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, which accelerated the art she has produced since childhood. Her work is influenced by a background in painting, sculpting, costume making, metalcraft and a love of sci-fi and fantasy. She is also a regular student of the renowned IMC, an intensive sci-fi and fantasy illustration workshop that finds her learning from and working beside the world's very best artists in those genres. She has also studied directly under Wendy Froud and Donato Giancola and many others in a variety of workshops and intensive courses. In short, Katie has done her homework!

Katie's current style derives from these diverse artistic endeavors. Her creations resolve in an illustrative style with strong fluid lines and focus on the 'hard parts' of character design (such as faces and hands). She loves anything strange or creature-like, dark or light, and loves narrative. And bling, so much ornamental bling!

Katie loves to tell stories with images, your stories. With images she can celebrate your new puppy, symbolize a mythological tale, conjure a dark creature from your place between or render from the video game that owns you. Her images will flatter your shape and express your personal narrative. As it is your story, you will be the only human that ever owns that image.

Conan and Katie became friends at the IMC and Conan generally bothered her into moving to Indianapolis from LA to learn to tattoo from him. She began her apprenticeship in October of 2018. He loves her like a sister and is thrilled to share Voluta with such a powerful woman and artist, to learn from her.