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Payment Options

How much, how and when do I pay?

...and that one question we're all afraid to ask: ANSWERED!

How much?

Determine the cost of your session by your artist's hourly rate (your artist told you at your consult) times the length of session you select. Plus design rate, if any,  which varies by artist experience.


Voluta artists maintain two rates. One for design and research, one for tattoo time. Most decent tattoo artists do...or they weave them straight into their (naturally higher) hourly rate. We like you to know the difference.

Design Rate

For research and custom design of your piece, which you take with you. NOBODY who comes to Voluta will ever get your same design. That's just silly. You commissioned an artist to design art for you like the fancy folks once hired Michelangelo for a few ceilings you may have heard of. Well done! Way to love yourself that much!
An experienced artist may be able to draw your dream tattoo directly on you with an Sharpie, then tattoo. That artist naturally charges more than the younger artist who has lots of computing, book digging, tracing and patterning to do. One takes less time one takes more time, usually works out to be about the same cost. Either way, you win.

Tattoo Rate

For a devoted, fun, focused and often chatty session of serious permanent inlay. You'll bond, your artist will worry (so you don't have to) but will focus through and rock your ink. It takes a ridiculously steady hand and big nerves to take someone's skin as canvas. More experience usually means a better, faster, more consistent artist. Lower rates mean NOT that the artist sucks. It means they are less cavalier, less fast, less experienced, and know they have a whole lot to prove. The lower rate for a slower artist balances the higher rate of the faster artist. As long as the end result is golden it is remarkable how often the final cost is almost the same. Makes sense once you hear it like that, right?

How do I pay?

   1.) You can pay with cash at your session, which is our favorite. (Note your ATM withdraw limit or make a little time for a stop into the bank before your session) Unfortunately repossessing tattoos for bounced checks or credit card tricks is frowned upon.
   2.) You can Square Up (+3%) which is the little white card swiper that attaches to an iPhone or iPad. It's amazing and confirms with text or email to you on the spot. We wish we didn't have to charge the 3% card fee but it's what they charge us. Again, cash is preferred. Why? Because the famous trick is calling the card company to reverse charges on the tattoo. The tattoo studio ALWAYS loses. For you honest folk, we apologize.

  3.) We maintain a PayPal account, which enables you to use a credit or debit card IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A VALID PAYPAL ACCOUNT. 3% is the PayPal charge that will be applied to your purchase. Which is again why cash is cooler.

When do I pay?

At the end of the session. When you're all smiling and hugging and such. We love that.


ANSWERED: The etiquette question that sweats the most palms.

You never HAVE to tip your tattoo artist, no matter what the web or your last artist told you! Many people do if they love the service.  Some folks tip cash, some booze, some cookies, some books, some a warm smile. Some tell all their friends. We are just glad you came!