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Tattoo Release Forms App For iPad

Q1: How do I decide which is best for me, Bundles or the Unlimited Subscription?

You are the boss. You can move between bundles and subscription at will.

Bundles: Per-use purchases you can upgrade at any time. Do so through the In-App Purchases screen within the app.

Unlimited Subscriptions: Apple will email once per month to remind you that your subscription is about to renew, and that the card associated with your Apple ID will be charged. You can click through this email to opt out at anytime. Your Unlimited Subscription will cease at the end of the last month you paid for. You can go back to bundles at that point if you prefer.

Solo artist in convention season? Bundles!

Big studio sending artists to multiple conventions? Subscribe Unlimited and send them off with (up to five) iPads.

Back home and settling down for a while? Subscription may be right for you.

Take a year off for the Peace Corps? Sign up again when you get home. Any forms you had remaining will still be there.


Q2: How do I set up TRF for the first time?

TRF SETTINGS controls app admin permissions, enables cloud services for upload of your forms and databases and collects data to auto-populate your release forms. TRF requires minimum information to demonstrate functionality.


The minimum:

(perhaps to sample the app)

• Studio Name

• At least one artist name

• At lease one cloud service enabled and linked


Vital Information:

(to generate release forms that maximize your legal coverage)


1.  All local and state health codes that govern your studio. You might find these on your current release form. For updated codes contact your attorney or local health department. (e.g. COMPLIES WITH 410IAC 1-5-28 INDIANA CODE)


2.  Proper spellings of all artists legal names. Nicknames are not advised as this app will generate a legal document you may later need.


3.  Studio address and contact information, including proper studio website URL, management email and phone number.


4.  Cloud service sign-in credentials. For the current version of this app we offer Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive support. Instructions for obtaining a cloud service follow.

5.  Your logo loaded into your iPad library. Take a well-framed clear photo of it with your iPad or iPhone in a pinch,  in landscape mode. Doll up the image in your favorite iPad image editor if you desire.



Q3: I used the 25 free forms and deleted the app. Then I changed my mind. How can I use TRF/PRF?

Download again from the App Store. When you open the app it will prompt you to make a Bundle or Unlimited Subscription purchase from the In-App Purchase page. Away you go!