Voluta Tattoo | The Voluta Way: The mission, ways, and means or our version of custom tattoo in Indianapolis!

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Voluta Tattoo Mission Statement:

We will produce the finest tattoos, based on sound and timeless principles of Fine Art. We will do so in a warm  and welcoming studio environment. We will teach our community the personal, aesthetic, and social implications of our craft so that it will make responsible decisions to accept only the finest. We will work to shed the ill persona of tattoo, elevating it to the realm of safe, attainable, personal fine art.


You discovered us via word of mouth or web search. You landed on our website, and all the answers are yours.

Now you’ll tour the site, pore over the galleries, follow us on Facebook for a while. If we convince you of our super powers, you’ll send an email to your favorite artist.

S/he will answer as best they can. You’ll book a consultation and meet soon at Voluta with your ideas and images to talk it all over. You’ll see Voluta, feel her vibe, perhaps meet other artists and their clients...that’s when you’ll know. Real or hype, true or false, if you’re in or out.

If you like your artist and s/he likes you (more on this later), you’ll leave a deposit and book an appointment for your tattoo. You get time to think, your artist gets time to research and prepare your piece. Casual, unhurried, permanent art.

Through email you will exchange ideas, sketches and revisions until you achieve trust in your artist’s vision. You’ll show up on tattoo day rested and ready. You’ll ease in to the curve of learning to be tattooed our way, and you’ll have a fantastic first session.

First session? Yes. It is our belief that all great tattoos are better by layering. Some nice work comes out of one session, for sure. But astounding tattoos, durable tattoos, subtle and balanced tattoos? Layers.

Your subsequent sessions will be a breeze. You’ll be home again. You’ll have friends and music preferences and a place for your coat on our rack. Be it your touch up session or your tenth session (no joke), you’ll find yourself part of the fabric of Voluta.

When your tattoo is complete, we will bother you for some final, healed photos. We will hang our pride on your tattoo. We will print it, put it on our site, Facebook it and hopefully talk you into coming to a convention with us to show it on the big stage. To laugh with us and make great memories.

If we did our job, you’ll love us every time you regard your Voluta creation. You’ll tell the world about a better way to be tattooed, and you’ll find yourself asking us for help finding great studios for your friends abroad. You will know that when the story of your life expands, you’ll have a family of talented artists waiting to bring it to life on your canvas.


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