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vo-LU-ta: noun, Latin

  1. a genus of sea snails, family Volutidae. The volutes.

The essence of Voluta Tattoo is found in the spiraled shell of a humble sea snail. It is tossed by surf and rolled through the ocean by the forces of pressure and tide, wind and storm. It is not destroyed by the fluidity of life. Instead it strengthens with each revolution. Its gentle curves become pronounced, more defined, more intricately marked. These marks hold the visible secrets of a marvelous, individual transformation.

Do you have such a story within you? We think you do.

Let us mark you with art as unique and intricate as your journey. Trust your Voluta artist to listen to you, to translate your narrative into the visual realm, to help you develop your outward expression of self. Your tattoo will be lovingly applied, conveying your story as vividly or subtly as you wish.




"Good morning, beautiful."

The first artist to arrive at Voluta turns the key and senses presence. Like arriving late to the theater, stepping into a lobby just cleared of patrons by shushing ushers. Life was just alive here. Laughter lingers. The air is sharp with anticipation of creations soon revealed.

Once awakened, Voluta is organic light, sound, fragrance and color, balancing the palatial weight of the industrial geometry surrounding her. The contrast is a recurring sensation, undeniable and commented on by all.

Friends and artists and collectors mingle in the lounge, snack at the coffee bar and move between golden curtains and private tattoo areas. The mirror wall reflects glowing faces with freshly tattooed brows, arched high with disbelief at the elaborate custom tattoo of the collector in the mirror just next to them. Stories are shared and laughter paints the memories. An environment of genuine connection through art expands and includes us all.

Nocturnal Voluta rests enveloped by a slumbering behemoth, a vast companion. The Stutz moans and creaks, gurgles and hisses, very much alive to hear the dreams of a sacred space.

"Good night, Voluta. I am grateful for another day of sharing and creation through you."


Voluta offers you one-off creations in a gorgeous relaxing environment. You may be tattooed in private in any of our five convertible custom stations, giving you the choice of privacy or tattooing in the open, part of the larger and exciting happenings of our studio.

Renowned for loving acceptance of any human with skin, Voluta is designed for all expansive and inclusive thinkers. We also offer ultra-private tattooing for public figures—local or touring—and can even discreetly accommodate your touring coach, band and Green Room VIPs. All of them.



With 12' ceilings and several hundred feet of horizontal walls, the new space for Voluta is designed and lighted to arrange large and small works of art for gallery viewing. Voluta will begin hosting gallery shows in the latter half of 2019. Meanwhile you'll enjoy a random and fascinating body of our collected works.



We expanded Voluta 7x to bring our friends from various art scenes together. Paint jams, sketch-nights, indie-film meetups, classes, lectures, live figure drawing, LARP and VR hangouts. Designed to be both convertible and versatile, Voluta is a large space with much moveable furniture and partitions, an office kitchen and coffee/tea bar. We now invite artists and clients to mingle in the name of art!



Voluta was voted into an event space by nearly every person to step inside. We love our space and we are glad to share! Please reach out to us if you'd like to enjoy your event here. Two minutes to the center of downtown, on the same street as the convention center, with ample parking and weatherproof loading dock for easy transport of gear in and out of building.



What's a Stutz?

It's a car. A great car that took a shot at winning the Indy 500 back in 1911!

The Stutz Arts and Business Center is a fine old building in Downtown Indianapolis, a retired car factory renovated into a classy but relaxed haven for creators and cool businesses. The Stutz team crafted a building for all types, be they suit and tie, open-collared or paint-on-the-cheek creators. The building is vast and puzzling, Hogwarts style! One corner turned finds you in a long dark corridor, the next brings you to a collection of gleaming exotic cars. Or a silent hall filled with fantastic you-sized sculptures. The place even has a restaurant, pub and an 80s arcade!

To Voluta the Stutz is heaven. We were given a chance by Stutz owner, Turner Woodard, Anne Jester and Jeff LaFollette to show Indy that tattoo can be elegant and attractive. That not all of us are spooky. That looking the part has nothing to do with elevating the craft. That tattoo is an art form as ancient and beautiful as any other, available to all of us.

Fact is, we owe it all the folks at the Stutz. You should come down and see what an opportunity they have given us. Walk through the building and feel the history. See the cars that were made here. Imagine the rumble of the machinations of the early 1900s. Peek into the studios now making miracles of their own.

We are home in the Stutz, proud to part of its history.

I am forever grateful to Turner, to Anne, and to Jeff for looking me in the eye, seeing an artist and giving me a chance.

- Conan


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