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Fantasy Studio

&   M I D W E S T   P O W E R H O U S E


Voluta is a colored whirlwind, a warm space dripping with eye candy, sweet smells, smooth grooves and sensory delight. Voluta’s clients are thinkers, innovators, scientists, chefs, students, soldiers, teachers, parents, bartenders, doctors, big dogs and little dogs with big bites. They are all moving forward and are kind enough to let us pen their moving stories upon them. Voluta’s processes are high-speed, low-drag and ahead of "state of the art." Lean systems made of the best equipment with the tightest maintenance routines. Client side or artist side, all is accounted for and constantly improving. Voluta’s vibe is our power. Our mixture of beauty and sound and people and stories, ever changing with every client and the mishmash of it all. 

Our vibe is rare in the world; lovely talent and talented love.


Voluta has sworn its soul to bringing you fantastic body art. We are lifers, sworn to climb to the top of the craft while maintaining balanced lives. We study. We experiment. We pronate ourselves to instruction and critique from each other. We glean from "the industry," from the instructors of our continuing education courses, from anybody with the education and articulation to help us grow. Whatever it takes to bring you better body art and a better experience, expect it from us. We will lead the edge.

Each artist at Voluta is constantly honing the 1,473 basics of exquisite tattoo. We do so while learning to work within personal styles that emerge from our art-filled pasts. This is not easy. But we sharpen and sharpen, and our portfolios prove it. It's the cluster effect wide open.

Your tattoo wins.


The Voluta Story


Voluta Tattoo was founded in 2006 by Conan Lea. He wanted a smooth, relaxed, balanced atmosphere for great tattoo. A place his daughters would be proud of. He's still at it.  Conan's deeper story on Voluta can be found here.


Conan directs and teaches, but less than ever lately, spending more time on his own clients and long term strategy for the studio. The hum of happy artists and ecstatic clients is wonderful. There is always laughter and great music. Voluta artists will attend some favorite tattoo conventions this year and will hone their fine art skills. They will also court some established talent and bring it to Indy. 


We will explore some new tattoo conventions stateside and in Europe, Australia and Asia. We will continue to attend seminars and classes. We might teach one or two. We will get to know other national top studios and mix our mojo. We might invent and market a few pieces of gear and sell it to the tattoo industry. We will offer up some nice merchandise. We will take tattoo as an art form to the local art shows. And to breast cancer survivors.


Voluta Tattoo Mission Statement

We will produce the finest tattoos, based on sound and timeless principles of Fine Art. We will do so in a warm and welcoming studio environment. We will teach our community the personal, aesthetic, and social implications of our craft so that it will make responsible decisions to accept only the finest. We will work to shed the ill persona of tattoo, elevating it to the realm of safe, attainable, personal fine art.